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New Language Booster Features for Early 2021 to Propel Your Child's Speech Development

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on December 14, 2020
Child Language Development

[Infographic] Language Development Milestones 0-4 Years Old

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on December 09, 2020
The Importance of Language Development in Early Childhood

The Importance of Language Development in Early Childhood

Watching your child grow and reach their various milestones is a joy beyond compare to any parent. But knowing how to stimulate this growth and enhance their development to become smart and successful adults is a concern for any parent.

One thing is clear. One key factor parents need to focus on is early childhood language development. Why should we be concerned about ensuring that our child’s brain is being exposed to as much language as possible?

Because there is a direct correlation between early childhood language development and success in later life.
on December 07, 2020