The Importance of Language Development in Early Childhood

on December 07, 2020

Importance Language Development

Watching your child grow and reach their various milestones is a joy beyond compare to any parent. But knowing how to stimulate this growth and enhance their development to become smart and successful adults is a concern for any parent.

One thing is clear. One key factor parents need to focus on is early childhood language development. Why should we be concerned about ensuring that our child’s brain is being exposed to as much language as possible?

Because there is a direct correlation between early childhood language development and success in later life.

How You Can Help in Your Child's Brain Development 

In your role as a primary caregiver, your interactions are key to your child's language development. Note that we say interactions, and not just the words heard by your child.

The reasons for this are explained by Dr Brenda Fitzgerald in her TEDx Talk entitled "Improving early child development with words".



In it, Dr. Fitzgerald brings out that being in constant communication with your child stimulates neurons through language. This strengthens links and pathways within the brain. Without this happening, the brain is missing out on valuable exercise that has proven long term effects.

Dr. Fitzgerald goes on to reference the outstanding study made by researchers Hart & Risley. In this study, they were able to prove that children whose parents were professionals spoke to them more, using up to 30 million more words by the time the child had reached 3 years old, compared to nonprofessional parents.   

What were the long term effects of this?

Following up on the study 5 years later, it was clear that the gap between these children had expanded. The children had a far greater success rate at the standardized tests at third grade.

Being exposed to more words by extension meant that they were better readers at this age. Being better readers they were in a far greater position to take control of their own education, as from this stage on children read to learn, and not the other way round.

So it is clear that a child's educational level is helped greatly if you as a parent are conscious of how often you speak to your child.

But how can you know if you are speaking you them enough throughout the day? Fortunately, there is an easy and simple way for you to find out.

The Wunder Smart Baby Hub: A Priceless Tool in Language Development 

Other than being a multi-purpose voice-activated baby hub, the Wunder has an ace up its sleeve when it comes to language development. 

Language Booster

Wunder is the first commercial device in the world to use NLP/AI to allow parents to check if they are speaking enough to their child by tracking and analyzing word count and conversational turns

Once the Language Booster function is turned on, it is able to log how many words you use in your interactions and analyzes the conversational turns with your precious little one.

Our studies have shown that by keeping track of interactions with your child through a digital device, parents consistently speak more and better to their child, which can improve the cognitive and language development by up to 26%.


To find out more about how to make language development wunderful as well as its other functions be sure to follow this link


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