Building blocks for lifelong learning.

The Wunder Manifesto

Wunder combines the best of science, technology, education, creativity, and support to bring parents a personalized toolbox that helps them recognize and seize shared learning opportunities before their child even begins to speak.

The carefully curated Wunder curriculum allows parents to encourage and assess their child’s developmental progress while growing more confident, self-assured and self-aware in their own role as their child’s very first educator.
Our mission is to bring parents the right information at the right time. In turn, parents learn to pay deep, thoughtful attention to their child’s ever-evolving sense of wonder and exploration; effectively turning them into better parents, collaborators and people too.

We know that parenting can seem complex and intimidating even on the best of days. We want to bring families together and remind our parents that they are successful - that they have what it takes to help their budding artists and little scientists become active, strong, and confident. At Wunder, we are always thinking of our parents' strongest tools: their desire to learn, their dedication, their time, and their voice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify everyday life for all parents, so they can focus on what they do best: making every moment count.

Our Mission

Our mission is to translate the best science into innovative products that empower families to thrive. We start with early childhood as this is the best return on investment for both our children’s and our society’s future.