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That uses the power of your voice to boost development, propel learning and make parenting easier.

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How to use your voice to log diapers, feedings, nursing sessions and sleep

Importance of child-parent interactions

Why how much you speak to your child is the key to their language development

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Boost development and make parenting easier

Hit milestones with 600+ personalized activities

Accelerate your baby's development and fill your precious bonding time with joy and purpose by doing targeted activities.

Boost language development

In the early years of development, lots of language builds better brains. Monitor and keep track of how much you speak to your child.

Hands-free. Screen-free. Worry-free

Use the power of your voice to interact with Wunder and make daily life as a multi-tasking parent easier.

All-in-one device

One device in your home to assist with all your parenting needs from day to night: log, play, learn, bond, and sleep.

Language Booster

Wunder is the first commercial device in the world to use NLP/AI to allow parents to check if they are speaking enough to their child by tracking and analyzing word count and conversational turns.

By making this a part of your daily routine, you can make sure your baby is exposed to enough words, which has been scientifically proven to accelerate their acquisition of language/literacy skills.


Our studies have shown that by keeping track of interactions with your child through a digital device, parents consistently speak more and better to their child, which can improve the cognitive and language development by up to 26%.

Sleep Better

Get your baby sleeping like a baby, and enjoy your own well-earned rest, by building better bedtime routines using Night Mode. White noise, cry detection, and night light give you the peace of mind you need.

Voice Logging

Fast, easy and hands-free logging of all your baby care and activities

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