Things To Try with Wunder

Activate the Wunder assistant by the trigger word "Hey Wunder" or "Hello Wunder". A rainbow will appear which indicates Wunder is ready to take your voice command.

How to pronounce "Hey Wunder"

"Hey Wunder" is pronounced as "Hey Wonder" in English, you can hear a demo by clicking below:

Wunder Assistant Demo

Device Controls

  • play white noise
  • play ambient music
  • change the music
  • start sound machine
  • stop sound machine [Caution: Wunder may not be responsive at loud volumes. In such conditions, please use the app to turn off the sound machine or lower the volume.]
  • turn on night light
  • turn on {red | blue | warm} light
  • turn off night light
  • turn on privacy
  • turn on night mode
  • turn off night mode

Nursery Logging

  • log a 2 ounces feeding
  • log a 3 ounces formula bottle
  • log 10 minutes of breastfeeding
  • log 5 minutes of breast feed
  • nursed 5 minutes on right breast
  • record feeding right side for 15 minutes
  • baby nursed on both sides
  • record a {wet | clean | dirty | mixed} diaper
  • baby pooped just now
  • baby slept for 6 hours
  • baby took a nap for 2 hours
  • baby took a nap from 10am to 11am
  • record 10 minutes of pumping right side
  • record pumping 2 ounces on right side

Sleep and Feeding Timers

  • start a {feeding | nursing} timer
  • start left side nursing
  • start a nursing on right side
  • stop {feeding | nursing} timer
  • start pumping on left side
  • stop pumping timer
  • start a {nap | sleep} timer
  • stop {sleep | nap} timer
  • baby started sleeping
  • baby just woke up

Get Activity Ideas

  • tummy time activity
  • bonding activity
  • {music | sensory | reading | bonding | tummy time | cognition | fine motor | gross motor | language} activity
  • {bedtime | daytime} activity
  • give me a {stimulating | soothing} activity

Language Booster

By making Language Booster a part of your daily routine, you can make sure your baby is exposed to enough words, which has been scientifically proven to accelerate their acquisition of language/literacy skills.

  • start language booster
  • stop language booster
  • what's my word count for today
  • what's today's word count

You can view Language Booster insights in the app as well.

Review Baby Updates

  • how many feedings today
  • how many bottles today
  • when did I last nurse
  • when was the baby's last feeding
  • how many naps today
  • how much did my baby sleep today
  • when was the baby's last nap
  • how many diapers today
  • when did I last change a diaper
  • what are my baby's next milestones
  • what are the current milestones

Ask Baby and Parenting Questions

  • what should my baby be doing at 10 months
  • are baby walkers safe
  • how do I take care of my baby's skin
  • how much should my baby weigh at 10 months
  • how do I potty train a boy
  • why is my toddler rejecting me
  • when can my baby go out in public
  • is it normal if my baby has yellow skin
  • at what age can I give my baby water