Wunder iOS App - 12 Months Subscription ($59.99 Value)
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Wunder iOS App - 12 Months Subscription ($59.99 Value)


    Wunder - Baby Tracker is the first such personalized app for new parents, designed to give you the right information at the right time and boost your child’s cognitive development.

    It helps you track your child’s critical milestones, recommends developmentally-appropriate activities that combine fun and learning, and supports emotional bonding.


    Being a new parent is difficult and we all know that feeling sometimes: “Am I doing it right”?.

    Wunder takes away the stress of having to navigate through blog posts, forums, and Facebook groups to find reliable information and developmentally-appropriate activity ideas and books.

    Download Wunder now and get more peace of mind so that you can focus on being present for your baby, bond through stimulating activities and watch them grow more every day!

    With Wunder you get:

    • A personalized Baby Profile to track physical and cognitive development with a detailed growth plan for critical milestones and skills.

    • Delay detection with an alert system to intervene swiftly and effectively to get your baby back on track.

    • 600+ activities - fill your precious bonding time with joy and purpose by doing targeted activities across five key developmental areas. And receive weekly activity recommendations based on your child's unique developmental trajectory.

    • Tools to build better parenting habits by scheduling activities and milestone reviews.

    • Access to Wunder’s support community with one-on-one expert parent coaching and connect with like-minded parents.

    • All-In-One logging
      • nursery logs - diapers, feeding (breast, bottle, solids), sleep/nap, pumping.
      • educational logs - play (activities), book reading.

    • Easy sharing with your caregivers - Share your baby's development with your husband or wife, grandparents, or nanny to stay on track together and work towards the same goals.


    Step 1: Milestones Checklist - Complete our milestones checklist to establish your child’s developmental stage.

    Step 2: Personalize - Based on the checklist, Wunder selects developmentally-appropriate milestones for your child and recommends targeted, play-based activities

    Step 3: Set Goals & Improve - Every month you can set new milestone goals you want to work on with your child and activity reminders to ensure adequate stimulation!

    Step 4: Share! Let your family, friends, or even your doctor know how your baby is developing.



    Did you know that 90% of brain growth happens before the age of 5?

    The science behind Wunder is based on decades of research studies as well as learnings from home-visiting programs that prove that the right intervention and guidance can positively impact a child’s developmental trajectory in the most critical time of life.

    Our experts believe in the whole-child approach and will help you make sure that your play addresses the 5 key developmental areas: language, cognition, motor, socio-emotional skills, and self-help.